The Customer agrees not to use the Service, in whole or in part, for any unlawful or prohibited purposes as outlined in this Agreement. Furthermore, the Customer shall not modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish, license, create derivative works from, frame in another web page, use on any other website or product, transfer, or sell any information, software, user lists, databases, products, or services provided through or obtained from the Service, except for the intended use as described in this Agreement.

Acceptance of this Agreement is a prerequisite for using the Service. The Customer acknowledges that Eflot may, at its sole discretion, update or revise specific provisions of this Agreement periodically. By signing up for any Eflot Service and accepting this Agreement, the Customer agrees that Eflot has the authority to modify the terms without specific notice. If the Customer disagrees with the proposed changes or any terms in this Agreement, the Customer's only recourse is to cancel their Eflot Service ("Customer's Account"). However, Eflot reserves the right to cancel, suspend, or deny access to the Service to anyone at its sole discretion. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, any new features or products enhancing the current Service will also be subject to this Agreement.

The Service begins upon your acknowledgment of the proposal sent by Team Eflot. Both parties acknowledge that a physical signature or an electronic mail confirmation serves as a formal agreement.


While Eflot values open exchanges of information, it is not obligated to do so. Eflot reserves the right to monitor, pre-screen, or remove any content stored on its servers that is against the public policy as per Indian law. Therefore, Eflot cannot be held responsible for the appropriateness, accuracy, sufficiency, correctness, veracity, completeness, or timeliness of such thoughts and opinions. The Customer is advised to exercise caution when posting personally identifying information about themselves or their employees on the Service, Customer Site, or any other user sites.

Eflot does not control or monitor Customer Content posted via the Service and does not guarantee its accuracy, integrity, or quality. Eflot reserves the right, though it is not obligated, to review Customer Content posted via the Service and to remove such materials at its sole discretion, without prior notice. Eflot may also disclose information or materials as required to satisfy applicable laws, regulations, legal processes, or governmental requests, or to edit, refuse to post, or remove information or materials from Customer Content at its discretion.


For convenience, the Service may include products, services, content, and information from third-party providers, including advertisers and affiliates, as well as links to their websites ("Third Party Content"). Such Third Party Content is not under the control of Eflot, and Eflot is not responsible for it, including any links contained within it or any changes or updates to such content. Eflot may pre-screen Third Party Content on the Service but assumes no responsibility or liability for the content provided by others. The inclusion of such content in the Service does not imply endorsement by Eflot. When using third-party products, services, content, software, or sites, the Customer may be subject to additional terms, conditions, and privacy policies. Eflot reserves the right to remove content that does not meet its standards but is not responsible for any delay or failure to remove such material.

Eflot is not liable for:

1. Terms and conditions of transactions between the Customer and third parties.

2. Insufficiency or issues related to third parties' background, insurance, credit, or licensing.

3.The quality of services provided by third parties.

4. Any legal liability arising from such services or disputes with third parties.

In the event of a dispute with a third party, the Customer releases Eflot (and its affiliates, agents, and employees) from all claims, demands, and damages arising from such disputes.

The Customer will be listed as the registrant and administrative contact for the domain name, with Eflot temporarily listed as such during a transfer to a different TPDNV, until the transfer is completed. The Customer authorizes Eflot to act as the billing contact, technical contact, and name servers for the domain name and to take appropriate actions in those capacities. However, upon termination of the Service, Eflot will cease acting in those capacities, including registrar changes. Afterward, Eflot will not forward notices, emails, or other correspondence related to the domain name.


All Eflot accounts may have Email services provided by an independent Third Party Email Services Vendor. Eflot is not responsible for the actions or inaction of the current TPESV or any network or service issues they encounter. Eflot is not involved in or responsible for transactions, agreements, or disputes between the Customer and the TPESV. In the event of a TPESV Dispute, the Customer releases Eflot (and its officers, directors, agents, and employees) from all claims, demands, and damages arising from such disputes.


As part of the Service, Eflot provides Customers with standard clip-art and photos to incorporate into their Customer Web Sites. The Customer's use of clip-art and photos is governed by an Image License Agreement with a Third Party Image Vendor, the supplier of these assets. The Customer understands that the Image License Agreement is a separate contractual relationship between the Customer and the TPIV, and the Customer is responsible for all liabilities and obligations.



By using Eflot's website and services, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to these Terms and Conditions. Thank you for choosing Eflot as your digital marketing partner.